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A recent gun show picture with my daughter

Welcome to my web site.On the following pages you will find pictures of my work I have done over the Years that I have been doing this.I started out making knives and learning how to forge my own blades from a video I found online and  bought.From there I have branched out into the world of blacksmithing when I discovered The NewEngland Blacksmiths assoc via the internet and good friend I met online.This has become much more than a hobby now as I get requests all the time to make things.I have been having alot of fun learning this craft and still have more yet to learn.So enjoy my site and drop me a line to let me know what you think or to ask questions about something I have done .All of my pieces are unique and no 2 are alike similar yes but not alike.I do not mass produce anything and I stand behind the work I do.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again to see whats new.I should also call this my dog page.Below are pictures of my little girl.She is a great little bundle of energy.She also retieves better than many retrievers I know and loves the water no matter what time of year it is.Good thing the brook is frozen most of the time in the winter :^)


This is my little girl.She came to me by way of Oaklahoma and is about 7lbs worth of pure energy.She is a 120lb dog in a 10lb frame :^)

my little girl


Seems the snow got a little deep last night

better after packing it down a little




The newest member of the clan KODA

My little Bear