Hey welcome to my new site. I am setting this site up for my knife making side of things. I hope to get all my pics up soon so its a work in progress. That's me forging a small blade at an NEB fall meet that was held in Vermont some years ago now. On the first 4 knives pages it is mostly early knives that I made and as I can gather up more of my pictures into one place I will upload them onto the pages I have made for them.  Below are my 2 email addresses so you can drop me a line with comments or to order a knife. Many of the knives I make are what I  call an old school hunting knife that has an antler handle on it. I also do wood for handles if wanted. The steel I use is all new steel stock or it is from old sawmill blades. The big circular type that the teeth were cut into the blade as opposed to the newer blades that have replaceable teeth in them so the body of the blade can almost anything.

hotanvil@juno.com or hotanvil58@gmail.com